• Coloured mosaic of Europe

The project “Coloured mosaic of Europe“ gathered together 40 young Roma and non-Roma from Slovakia, Poland, Italy and Germany. The main aim of the project was to reflect on differences and similarities through group dynamics, presentations, games, photography and a school exhibition. With methods of non-formal education and intercultural communication we raised awareness about the positive aspects of differences and the diversity within our societies. Coming from various backgrounds the very young participants bridged linguistic and cultural barriers through mutual respect and friendship. The project was very successful, especially because it was the first international experience for most of the participants.


  • The Project of Mobility

This project strengthened the capacity of Roma youth workers with regard to international project management in the framework of the EU Youth in Action Program.

Starting in 2006, we involved 8 Roma information-advisory centers and 11 non-formal groups in different trainings, projects and local initiatives. The participants learned how to plan, prepare, realize, and evaluate projects of national and international scope. After the initial training phase the participants developed projects on their own.