• Schooling project of Roma Children

This project was  financed by the municipality of Rome. Romà Onlus coordinated and facilitated several actions related with the “Rights in the Camp” (“Diritti al Campo”) as for example: intercultural workshop aimed to promote inclusion of of Roma children, summer activities and Christmas holiday activities. 


  • "Feeling fine at school" - Preventing School Drop Out

The project aims to reduce school drop out and fight social exclusion through actions involving  students, families, schools and local institutions.

The project will be explained in detail to the principals and teachers. One school orientation office will be created. There will be an informative campain  addressed to teachers, students and families of children at risk of school dropout.
Group activities will be conducted on prevention of e the phenomenon , with particular attention to school drop-out of Roma communities in the area.
The work team will consist of a psychologist, a sociologist, two mediators specialized in working with Roma and immigrant youth.