National Youth Networking
How can we create an open space for young people to become active, to exchange themselves about their voluntary engagement, to discover and reflect on their Roma identity and to fight stereotypes through their active citizenship? The national Roma youth networking intends to mobilize and empower young people as we are the ones ourselves to carry the responsibility and to decide upon our lives and our interests. The first national meeting took place in April 2009 in Worms, followed by a weekend to discover the Centrum for Documentation and Culture of German Sinti and Roma in Heidelberg in July 2009. Over 60 young people from all over Germany came together in October 2009 to discuss in workshops about education, empowerment of young women, dialogue between Roma and Sinti, music and antiziganism in Europe. Moreover, concrete actions were planned in workshops about the residence and eviction issue, about education, about further networking and about publicity and media work. In September 2010 over 120 young Roma and non-Roma met for 4 days in Göttingen to strengthen their network and their vision.

Campaigning: “alle bleiben!”
Many young Roma in Germany, who came as refugees from former Yugoslavia or even were born in Germany) face a huge insecurity and their opportunities are legally restricted based on their status “Duldung”, which denies their rights for a permanent residence The public campaign “alle bleiben!” tries to draw the attention to the situation of young Roma and demands a permanent residence status for all. homepage


“Don’t Worry! Be Gypsy!”
From April 29th to May 9th, 2011 over 35 youth leaders from 10 countries came together in the international training-course “Don’t Worry! Be Gypsy!” in Berlin. This training-course intended to strengthen the capacity and leadership skills of youth leaders, youth workers and young artists who work in the field of intercultural dialogue with creative and artistic methods. A special attention was given to the equal involvement of Roma, non-Roma and other minority youth leaders. We believe that we can use art as a tool in order to break stereotypes, to cross traditional borders, to develop strong messages of political and social campaigning, to create an open space of intercultural dialogue and to develop the personality and capacity of young people. more information

Seminars, trainings and international youth exchanges
One of our main objectives is the capacity-building of youth leaders in order to strengthen their active citizenship, their creativity, their voluntary engagement and their leadership. Based on own resources or through our networks of “ternYpe” and “DJO-Deutsche Jugend in Europa” we send youngsters and youth leaders to seminars and training-courses on local, national and international level about project management, fundraising, creativity and intercultural learning. Additionally, using the mobility tools of the “Youth in Action” programme we give our youngsters the opportunity to participate in international youth exchanges all around Europe.