• European youth train

This project was carried out in 2009 and related to the European Year of Innovation and Creativity. The project aimed to create opportunities for talented youngsters and to show their capabilities and creativity to the wider public. We organized seminars, open activities and spectacles in order to create space for the youngsters who showed the public society that young people are important and active. The participants were both Roma and non-Roma. It was a regional project with various activities in several villages and towns. 


  • Different people - One Europe

The international campaign „Different People. One Europe” was an international project of 17 Bulgarian NGOs. The Youth Network for Development carried out different awareness raising activities in schools and kindergartens. The aim was to emphasize intercultural understanding and mutual respect. Outcomes of the project were increased motivation of young people for intercultural dialog and youth activism.  Moreover, we mobilized young people to take part in different activities on national and international level.