Mission and Vision

Romà’s Mission is to promote good aspects of roma culture and roma capacity to interact with general collectivity by rediscovering and enhancing roma history and traditions and fight every form of discrimination.

Its aim is to support the integration process of Romany community through the empowerment of Roma and Sinti in different fields: education, cultural awareness, social and cultural mediation, support to employment.

Romà Onlus devotes promotes long-term strenghtening practices such as tutoring aimed to improve the access to higher education and creation of gathering places for roma and non roma youth.

Romà Onlus is a a promoter member of “Coordinamento Rom a Roma”, a founder member of “Federazione Romanì” (Italian Romanì Federation), a founder member of Ternype (International Roma Youth Network) and a member of RGDTS - Phiren Amenca.